Founded in May 25, 1998, Abdala Productions S.A. is a Company that belongs to The Ministry of Culture of Cuba that provides recording service, mastering, restoration, production and editing using state of the art technology in musical recording and a  highly professional human resource focused on delight and satisfy the client.

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Who have selected Abdala Studios for their productions?

Cuba, the birthplace of great singers and composers, has generously shared with the world its people’s singing. Its great musical richness and excellence are preserved as great values of the Cuban culture. The Unicornio record label was created to offer this musical excellence. Seven collections make up its catalog. The Leyenda collection brings together performers and composers of Cuban musical heritage; Canto Vivo gathers together singers of songs from all the styles and genres. Soloists and groups whose creation is more elaborate, typical of the concert hall are grouped into Senderos. In Nova contemporary work of developing more technical, closer to popular music. Audiovisual meets all proposals whose nature is linking image and audio of the choicest phonographic productions. The Personalidades Collection are inserted multimedia of personalities of culture and politics of the country and Collection Single the singles that may belong to any musical genre they are inserted.

The record labels Unicorn and Presto have 87 Cubadisco awards, 36 Lucas awards, two Espacio awards granted by The Association of Social Communicators of Cuba and 14 Grammy Latino nominations.